Mercado Hidalgo

Mercado Hidalgo

This week I visited a traditional mexican market in Tijuana, Mercado Miguel Hidalgo. As many of my fellow tijuanenses know its a place to buy fresh fruit, vegetables, candy, piñatas or anything, well mexican.



I love how this place brings me a step closer to remembering deep mexican traditions that you find in other states. Not only that, but also reminds me of what a wide variety of fruits and vegetables nature gives us.



Whenever I can I come here and enjoy the pretty fruit stacked and nicely organized, you never see anything out of place. This market is a big destination for locals on Christmas time and Dia de los Muertos; a mexican celebration that consists of building an altar for people that have passed away to a better life, offering food, drinks and things they enjoyed. Mercado Hidalgo is a place where traditions are kept and not changed to modern ways of doing things which is a wonderful thing when in Mexico.


Come to this market and enjoy your time: buy fresh pressed juice, some papaya, pineapple, pitaya, mangos or fruit you can’t find anywhere else and just shop around to find other great things like a poncho or something. My lunch that day consisted of fresh cut papaya, followed by coconut water then cut up to tender coconut meat with lime and a little chili… OMG! I immediately felt transported to Vallarta in front of the beach enjoying a fresh cut coconut.

Note: If you are going to cross the border do not cross papaya or other tropical fruit, they will take it away.


Slave bracelet

Slave bracelet

Agua de coco

Agua de coco

For more information about Tijuana or Mercado Hidalgo please check out : Tijuana 2200

Wearing: Summer dress: Kimichi Blue, Sandals: Sam edelman, Sunnies: Paul Smith, slave bracelet: flea market market find, blue weaved basket.


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