As much as I love the Isabel Marant wedge sneaker looking so chic and cool I also enjoy a pair of comfort in my feet. I find myself in a quest to find a pair that fits my style. As usual I have been searching the web in numerous sites not knowing how they will look on myself.

For one reason or another I cannot seem to make up my mind on which ones to purchase. All of them have the characteristic of being of past-90โ€™s style or menโ€™s style not really appealing to the feminine eye. For that reason I have taken such a long time to decide because none of my friends or family members except for one (my sneaker loving brother) has suggested which ones look best.

So here it goes my thoughts on: Nike Air 90 these remind me of the kicks I wore when I was 5 years old that lit up when you stepped. These look comfortable, have a color I can work with and are good enough to turn heads good or bad.

Nike blazer tops are such a classic style and basically remind me of converse hi tops. These can work with many of my styles and will stay classic forever.

New Balance are the definition of comfortable sneaks but these truly remind me of my father in short shorts or men in the 80โ€™s.

They all have what I am looking for: comfort, classic style and coolness. This being said I still find myself confused on which pair I should get.


Top left: Nike max air 1, top middle and left middle: new balance, right middle: Isabel Marant, bottom right: nike air max 90, bottom left: nike blazer tops.

New Balance leather shoes

Isabel Marant velcro shoes

Nike footwear

Nike footwear

Nike footwear




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