The city of coffee, grunge, music and rain. I love this charming city that has a lot to offer. If you like the rain you will absolutely love this city. In the month of August it is mostly sunny and a day can last you long since sunset starts at 8 p.m.


Some of the many things to do are:

Pike Place Market, Amazing food, fresh fruit, vegetables and seafood.  Visit Piroski Piroski for some traditional Russian pastries, Watch the flying fish, visit the first Starbucks. Buy flowers, smoked salmon. For lunch try  a chowder at Pike Place chowder down Post alley.

IMG_4038  IMG_4160 IMG_4043

Seattle Public Library at 5th Ave. great architecture by Koolhaus and Prince-Ramus.  You can take a break from walking, read a magazine or wander around the very cool premises.

IMG_0157                              IMG_0162

Seattle Center, go up the space needle and experience the espectacular views all around specially Mount Rainier which looks amazing at sunset.  The new Chihuly Garden and glass museum which are  spectacular for vibrant glass art. EMP museum by Gehry has amazing architecture and is for music lovers which exhibits the influence of grunge and rock the city has to offer. Other attractions are available at Seattle center.


Snoqualmie Falls, great place to visit outside of Seattle and the views getting there are breath taking. Eat at the Salish Hotel where they have amazing breakfast.


Other places to visit:

  • Museums- there are various like SAM in downtown.
  • Pionner Square and underground Seattle
  • Ballard neighborhood: Theo Chocolate, the Locks, Golden Gardens and more.

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