Monthly Archives: September 2013

Casual Cool

      This post is inspired by casual cool wears. Loose clothing is sometimes confused with lazy or not feminine enough but you should try using loose t-shirts, pants and jackets in our own style more often. Tight clothing is not the best for your circulatory system since it restrains your body from flowing. […]


This  look was taken a few weeks back in a beautiful bridge I have never visited in San Diego that a friend of mine told me about. I love how overalls are back in different fabrics and styles. This denim overall works great in all seasons since you can just wear it with a different […]

Rock n’ Roll

Rock n’ Roll by monica-jazo featuring a maxi mini skirt Acne Studios Madewell maxi mini Proenza Schouler shoulder bag$1,615 – Tom Ford Balenciaga Ceinture Ankle Boots

Street Style Fashion Week

I really love the trends that I see in the streets on fashion week filled with coolness and a lot of comfort. Some of the following trends I see is baggy jeans and also baggy clothes. Backpacks are also going strong all around and make a great companion when traveling. Punk style looks like it […]

Mexican Style

    The month of September is the time of the year Mexicans celebrate its Independence. I brought out my typical mexican clothes to remember my roots and travels around Mexico. These garments are made by women and men that take long time to assemble each piece by hand in order to make a living […]

New York Fashion Week

                                                                           As much as I would love to go to fashion week. I had to watch the runway from the comfort of […]

Boho Chic

Summer isn’t over at least not in my corner of the world; now is the time to wear all of my summer wears before the season ends. Here are two similar outfits with different accessories depending on where you are going or what you are doing. Both have the same style: jeans, nude-silver accessories and […]