The World is Our Oyster


Yes! Simple clothes and my backpack are my new must travel items. I always saw people traveling with backpacks and never thought I would be one of them, but seriously if you find one that you like, buy it! Great item to travel with. Mine has convertible straps that conveniently come off and this backpack turns into a shoulder bag. The soft leather is of amazing quality and will age perfectly. Chunky zippers give it a cool rocker style. When traveling also remember to pack light (if you can) this will leave room in the suitcase for treasures or souvenirs and can help to avoid extra cost and less back pain.

IMG_4139                                  IMG_0239

This time I visited Victoria, B.C. while on my trip to Seattle, great thing I brought my passport. This town is amazing, with lots of things to do such as: Visit the Parlement, Royal BC museum, have afternoon tea at The Empress Hotel and enjoy every bite, Butchart Gardens is out of this world beautiful especially if you love nature. Loved it!





Wearing: Top: Mr x PJK, Skirt: silence + noise  , Backpack: Alexander Wang, Shoes: Toms, Sunnies: Celine


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