Mexican Style




The month of September is the time of the year Mexicans celebrate its Independence. I brought out my typical mexican clothes to remember my roots and travels around Mexico. These garments are made by women and men that take long time to assemble each piece by hand in order to make a living and keep the traditions alive.

When I travel south specially to Oaxaca or Chiapas it is clear how natives hold on to their traditions, that is something special that I like about traveling getting to know the local culture and appreciating all the colors and art they use.  Last time I visited Chiapas I bought this huipil which cost me $800 pesos at first I taught that this was expensive compared to other prices. When you look at this garment up close you can see the work and detail that was put into it and you can explain why it cost $800 pesos which is not really not that much compared to other commercial things I buy.  

This is a part of my style that is unique to most fashion blogs and comes with mexican traditions and a reminder of the beautiful country I come from.  






  1. Love Mexican the embroidery, the colours – and the shape..two of my favourite summer dresses are vintage Mexican, j’adore x

    1. I love the summer mexican dresses! Thanks for the love

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