Street Style Fashion Week



I really love the trends that I see in the streets on fashion week filled with coolness and a lot of comfort. Some of the following trends I see is baggy jeans and also baggy clothes. Backpacks are also going strong all around and make a great companion when traveling.

Punk style looks like it is coming strong this fall specially in London you can see it all around with: red plaid clothes, chunky shoes and leather.

Street style is the best kind of inspiration since you can see how everyone dresses with different clothes and you can see how trends vary a lot, which is a great thing that shows individuality. Although you can see the it bags and shoes or certain trends such as the moto jacket mixed differently maybe with a classic all white look  or with sneakers in a very sporty look.

090613_Tommy_Ton_S2014RTW_slide_092      090613_Tommy_Ton_S2014RTW_slide_081

090613_Tommy_Ton_S2014RTW_slide_062      090613_Tommy_Ton_S2014RTW_slide_047



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