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This  look was taken a few weeks back in a beautiful bridge I have never visited in San Diego that a friend of mine told me about.

I love how overalls are back in different fabrics and styles. This denim overall works great in all seasons since you can just wear it with a different blouse, tank top or t-shirt. Depending on the occasion or your own style you can dress it up or dress it down. Overalls may be very repelling to men but to us ladies it is IN, if you know how to wear it.

If the overalls are baggy try wearing them with heels or with a shirt that you are not confused of being a cowgirl. And if they are fitted it is easier to wear them with or without heels.

Overalls are versatile so have fun if you own a pair!

Wearing: Overalls: asos, croptop: asos, heels: schutz, sunglasses: celine, jewlery: galaislove.



  1. Love it!!!!! soy tu fan moni!!!!! esta padrisimo lo que haces!!

    1. Gracias que linda sofii!

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