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Paris fashion week is all about high fashion and certainly the most important fashion weeks of all. While I did take a look and see all the spring collections, I did not have the  tools to elaborate more on my post. just so you know here is a very low image post.

Only showing Elie Saab flamingo pink outfit and Emmanuel Ungaro’s loose turquoise shirt and shorts i did also admire all the other fashion houses runways. Starting with Elie Saab which showed a lot of florals and laces that made it a very delicate collection yet the form was sometimes different such as wide trousers that made it feminine yet sexy. Ungaro’s collection had more of that ready to wear than flowing dresses this season which is perfectly ok.

Celine’s spring collection is formed created garments with mixed patterns and colors to expect red orange and royal blue. Chanel is a classic with its iconic style this time with pastels, black and white outfits. What I have seen recently is that you don’t have to wait until spring to wear pastels they are in full swing since winter 2013 for those of you who like to wear a pink pastel coat in the winter.

Hermes did its resort style collection in a very classic and elegant way that is so effortless. Lots of khakis, and hits of bright colors. Now Valentino really surprised me and maybe it is because of my young age but I have always thought of it as a mono-color dress or outfit with red, black and whites being their main pallets. Surprise this time they did bohemian and ethic looks, one of my favorites. Embroidered long dresses and almost royal in some way.

The brands mentioned are only a few and missing Kenzo’s street style, Isabel Marant’s hippie cool outfits and Givenchy’s draped dresses and loose printed shirts. Paris fashion week has it all nothing is the same since every house has it own iconic style.
Check out complete runways on style.Com


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