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Mexican Style

    The month of September is the time of the year Mexicans celebrate its Independence. I brought out my typical mexican clothes to remember my roots and travels around Mexico. These garments are made by women and men that take long time to assemble each piece by hand in order to make a living […]

New York Fashion Week

                                                                           As much as I would love to go to fashion week. I had to watch the runway from the comfort of […]


The city of coffee, grunge, music and rain. I love this charming city that has a lot to offer. If you like the rain you will absolutely love this city. In the month of August it is mostly sunny and a day can last you long since sunset starts at 8 p.m. Some of the […]

Last Sunday

Visiting wineries in Valle de Guadalupe is a great idea for a weekend trip. Summer time calls for festivals around town and drinking wine. Last Sunday I attended a paella competition were locals sold wine from their vineyards and others competed for the best paella in the region. This is a great event to attend […]

Welcome to Tijuana

Tijuana is a young city, with one of the youngest crowd in Mexico. It’s a city where you will feel welcomed by the people since we all come from different places and backgrounds.

Mercado Hidalgo

Mercado Hidalgo This week I visited a traditional mexican market in Tijuana, Mercado Miguel Hidalgo. As many of my fellow tijuanenses know its a place to buy fresh fruit, vegetables, candy, piñatas or anything, well mexican.

Opening Day